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1964 Corvette RestoMod

Things are starting to come together for the latest RestoMod project. The new rolling chassis arrived a few weeks ago and the engine and transmission showed up late last week. Now that we have everything under the roof, we can put the body on the new chassis and begin to perform body work. 


2010 Corvette Grand Sport

Ed, Sam, and Corey have wrapped up the repairs on the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport. We now await for the customer to come pick it up. Like every vehicle we service, the entire vehicle will be detailed before the owner takes delivery. 


1969 Corvette RestoMod

Front and rear clips for the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project are in the Fiberglass Department getting prepped for mold making. These parts will be sanded completely smooth before begin used as mold plugs. This smoothness is required so the parts will come out easy from the mold once cured. 

Dave has been busy making a custom cross member for the RestoMod project. This cross member will mount the transmission to the chassis.

1984 Corvette

The 1984 Corvette has received it’s new high flow water pump and BE COOL radiator. We also replaced the upper and lower radiator hoses, thermostat with a 195F, and an aftermarket fan switch. This fan switch will turn the fan on at 200F and then off again at 185F. A cooler running engine makes more horsepower!

1959 Corvette

Ed is wrapping things up with the 1959 Corvette restoration. He has completed assembling the dash and under duct work. Now Greg and Ed are working together to eliminate some electrical issues before the vehicle is washed up for delivery. 

1964 Corvette

Corey has been working hard on the 1964 Corvette. He has completely wet sanded the entire vehicle including all of the removable panels. Afterwards, he will then buff and polish the entire vehicle with his buffing wheel and bring the paint back to the brilliant shine!

And here is the fruit of his efforts! It looks great in pictures but looks even better in person!

Where ya at, Bob?!?

1958 Corvette

Last but not least, Mike has been working on this 1958 Corvette. He has installed a bolt on front suspension upgrade kit that includes front disc brakes. With the front suspension assembled, he has turned his attention to the rear of the vehicle to replace the rear leaf springs and bushings.

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