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1969 Corvette RestoMod

The parts for the 1969 Corvette Restomod are in the mold making process. Steve has completed all of his customizations to the front and rear clips for this project and they have now moved into the fiberglass shop for reproduction. Once the molds are made, we can then create a lightweight one piece front and rear clip that will not be weighted down with body filler. This will also create a stronger part, due to the brittle nature of the body filler. 

1958 Corvette

A gentleman brought us his 1958 Corvette project for us to complete! He has restored the chassis, suspension, and drivetrain but left the body work to the EXPERTS! After looking over the vehicle with the owner and making a list of items brought with the vehicle, we loaded the vehicle back up and transported it down to our storage location. We will begin work on this project in June!

1977 Corvette

The 1977 Corvette suspension rebuild is completed along with the wheels. After taking the wheels off the vehicle & dismounting the tires, we took the wheels over to our local buffing and polishing shop. When the wheels returned, they looked immaculate. Corey, Steve and Mel then quickly masked off the wheel and repainted the black sections within the wheel. With the paint dry, the wheels are ready to be remounted on tires and installed on the vehicle!

1982 Corvette

Mike has completed the suspension rebuild work on the 1982 Corvette along with mounting brand new BFGOODRICH Radial TA’s on the wheels. After mounting the wheels, he drove the vehicle on to our state of the art alignment rack and gave the vehicle a complete 4-wheel alignment.

1966 Corvette

Sam has been diligently working on shaping the 1966 Corvette. He has completed the exterior shaping and is now focusing on the body panel gaps. As demostrated in the picture, we want the gaps to be within a paint stick width, no more or no less! This insures a uniform look with all panels on the vehicle. Once Sam has completed all of the body work, we will roll the vehicle into the paint booth for the first coat of primer, SLICK SAND!

1964 Corvette

Mike has installed the Vintage Air A/C system in the 1964 Corvette using the new fiberglass close out panel for Vintage Air applications! He has hidden the wiring for a neat and clean look under the hood.

1975 Corvette

This 1975 Corvette was towed in with fuel delivery issues. Rough running and fuel leaking from the carb. For those who have been following Dynamic Corvettes for many years will recognize this body kit that we used to produce. We quickly ordered a replacement carb for the vehicle and Mike got it installed in no time. Afterwards, he tuned the carb to the vehicle and allowed it to reach operating temperature. 

1971 Corvette

This is a one owner original 1971 Corvette with the LT1 engine. The owner has not driven the vehicle in many years and is determined to get her back on the road! He bought it to the EXPERTS for a complete safety inspection and estimate. As you can see in the photos, the years have not been kind to the underside of this Corvette. We will have to remove and repair the frame before we can then move onto the suspension, engine, and drivetrain. 

2010 Corvette

The 2010 Corvette is currently disassembled while waiting for parts. As the parts start coming in, Ed will start to reassemble the vehicle. 

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