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Happy Easter! 

The Easter Bunny visits Dynamic Corvettes (April 2011)

1982 Corvette

A 1982 Corvette rolled in last week for an underside rebuild and cooling problems. Mike started by disassembling the suspension and sending the old reusable parts to be sandblasted and refinished. After removing everything, he set up the old trailing arms and removed the spindles and started to set up the new trailing arms. After rebuilding the suspension, Mike then turned his attention to replacing the radiator and repairing the headlights. After he is completely finished, he will put the car on the alignment rack and give it a complete 4 wheel alignment. 

1967 Corvette

Once the engine came back from the machine shop, Ed and Greg wasted no time to get it installed in the vehicle along with the transmission and a brand new clutch. Greg worked on hooking everything back up and refilling all of the fluids. Once all fluids were full and everything attached, he started it up for the first time since the rebuild and she sounded great! Afterwards, he took the vehicle out for a test drive to shake out any bugs.


1964 Corvette

The 1964 Corvette has made it into the paint booth for base and clear! Afterwards. Corey and Steve moved the car from the paint booth to the parts department showroom to allow the clear coat to harden and cure before they start to wet sand then buff and polish the new finish!

1966 Corvette

The 1966 Corvette has a new hood surround installed and is next in line for the paint booth. Steve and Sam worked together to get the new hood surround on perfect with a new header bar and headlight supports (pork chops). With the new surround, Sam has started to fit his headlight doors and make sure that the body gaps are absolutely perfect before the vehicle is placed in the paint booth for the first coat of primer!


What in the world is Steve making?

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