Web Wednesday – 04/05/17

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1959 Corvette

Ed and Mike have been working together on the 1959 Corvette to get her buttoned up to go back home to her owner. Later, the owner will take the vehicle and install the interior himself. 

1979 Corvette

This 1979 has been waiting all winter to have it’s new front spoiler installed. After dry fitting and mocking up the spoiler to the car, Corey made the nesscary modifications and got it to fit perfectly. Once the fit was good, Corey took the spoiler over to the paint booth and applied primer and color to the parts. He then installed the spoiler with the correct hardware. 

2010 Corvette

Another storage car! This beautiful 2010 Corvette Grand Sport was in desperate need for new tires. The owner wanted the original equipment tires reinstalled on the vehicle and we were happy to oblige. We installed Goodyear Eagle F1 tires run flats on the wheels and then made sure that the vehicle was completely aligned. 

1976 Corvette

The owner of this 1976 Corvette stated that last winter he threw a belt and overheated the engine and was prepared for the worst. After looking over the engine and cooling system, we determined that nothing was ruined. When the belt snapped and flung off, the upper radiator hose was hit and slightly loosened from the upper radiator outlet. This caused the coolant to leak out and allow the engine to overheat. We adjusted the hose and clamped it back down.

The owner was also concerned about a puff of black smoke that he saw every time the engine was started. We explained that the black smoke was from the engine starting fuel rich. The secondary float in his carb had gone bad and was allowing fuel to be poured into the intake while the engine was off. This fuel was then sitting in the intake waiting for the next start up to be cleared away. We ordered a replacement carburetor for the vehicle and got it installed for him in no time at all. Afterwards, the owner stated “it was like a whole new animal.”

1964 Corvette

The 1964 Corvette has made it’s way into the paint booth for base and clear! First off, Corey wet sanded the entire body and all of the removed parts to be painted. After the wet sanding was finished, he pushed the vehicle into the paint booth. He mounted all of the removed parts on a painting cart and started to apply base. While Sam mixed, Corey sprayed until they covered the entire car and all of the parts with the gold base. 

1969 Corvette

The 1969 Corvette’s custom modifications are complete and the parts are starting to get prepped to have molds made. After the molds are made, we will create brand new parts from these customized items and install the housemade parts on the vehicle. These parts will have a better finish then the customized parts currently on the vehicle. 

1966 Corvette

Sam has installed and bonded the new hood surround on the 1966 Corvette. Now with the new surround installed, he can turn his attention to the driver side driving light pod and get that installed.

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