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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

From all of us at Dynamic Corvettes, we wish everyone a very safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!


1959 Corvette

The guys have started back up on the 1959 Corvette. While Ed went through the boxes of parts provided by the customer, Corey pushed the car into the paint booth to have the column and radio cluster painted. While in the paint booth, Corey also painted the interior of the trunk. Once the paint work was completed, they pushed the vehicle over to the mechanical side of the shop and Ed started to reassemble the vehicle. 

 1953 – 1962 Custom Center Console/Armrest

Speaking of C1 interiors! We have created a custom fiberglass center console/armrest for your 53-62 Corvette!

Our console/armrest is 100% hand laid in Michigan and made to order!

Available with or without a cup-holder insert!

Console/Armrest does not come wrapped in leather.

$295.00 plus shipping and handling
(We only ship within the United States. Sorry, no international orders.)



Ready to order by credit card?

Give us a call (989-249-1100)

or e-mail us!



Ready to order by Pay Pal?

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 1968 Corvette

With the frame work completed on the 1968 Corvette, Mike started to reassemble the vehicle. He started with the new carpet provided by the customer, along with the new shifter and parking brake consoles. Shortly thereafter, the new aluminized exhaust system arrived and he started to fit and install that. The customer requested that we upgrade his steering column with a tilt column. Being that this vehicle is a 1968, with all the quirks included, we could not transplant a 1969 – 1982 tilt column in this vehicle. This is due to the ignition lock cylinder being on the dash and not on the column. We obtained a tilt column from IDIDIT and Mike took it over to be painted black. Meanwhile, the new rear 3 door compartment unit showed up for the interior. Mike installed the new brake booster and master cylinder.

1967 Corvette – “Lola”

Now that all of the frame and mechanical work is finished, Corey and Sam can start to attack and work on the fiberglass. They first started by measuring the body to the lift. Making sure that all 4 corners were the same and even. This is VERY important during the body work stage. If the body is mounted to the chassis incorrectly, it will cause the body to twist or flex which causes body panels to not be aligned and appear “high” in spots. 

 After measuring, Sam ground out the old seams for the rear deck and carefully removed the fiberglass panel. On the new panel, Sam roughed up the bonding surfaces and started to dry fit and adjust the panel for bonding. Once he was happy with the fitment of the panel, Sam mixed up some epoxy and bonded the panel to the vehicle. He set up heat lamps around bonded panel to help accelerate the epoxy curing process. With the rear deck cured and bonded in place, Sam can now move forward with shaping the body before the first coat of primer.

1967 Corvette

 The other 1967 Corvette has received it’s first coat of primer! Slick Sand! After being covered in primer, Corey went around the vehicle with a can of black spray paint and lightly applied a guide coat over the primer. This guide coat will assist Corey and Sam later when they begin to block sand the body. While they block sand, they will remove sections of the black guide coat which will then tell them which areas they have already sanded. 

In The News

Lately, these pictures have been making their way around the internet and Facebook. Regardless of why it happened, it is a terrible and impressive sight to see! 

Click here to read the post on Corvette Forum!

If anything like this happens to your Corvette, you can be rest assured that Dynamic Corvettes works with ALL insurance companies for the repair of your classic Corvette.

And if your insurance agent says, “Hey take it over to _________ and they will fix it for you!” 

Tell them, “No thanks! I’m taking it to Dynamic Corvettes to be repaired by the EXPERTS!”

1978 Corvette – “Vulture Vette”

This red 1978 Corvette was a victim of the strong winds we had in the last few weeks. It had a small lightweight parking tent fall on it. The owners knew where it needed to go, DYNAMIC CORVETTES, to be repaired correctly by the experts. 


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