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1968 Corvette

Ed and Mike have been working on the 1968 Corvette for the last few weeks. After the replacement frame returned from the a-coater, it was placed in our paint booth and coated with General Motors chassis paint. With the combo of a-coating and the paint, we have insured that the frame is protected from the elements for many years to come. Mike finished up his repairs on the underside of the body. As you can see pictured below, he has completely replaced the steel rocker section of the body. Before Mike replaced these sections, the body was so flexible they had to reinforce the front and rear sections with a wood frame and tie down straps. Without this reinforcement, the tail of the body would have broken off. 

While under the body, Mike replaced all of the underbody brackets for the seats, seat belts, and body mount reinforcements. All of these brackets were completely rusted through or rusted to a point which a replacement was required. He also found that the mounting pocket for #4 body mount on both sides was cracked and in bad shape. Being the Corvette experts, we had a mold already for this pocket. We quickly made up a patch pocket and bonded it onto the body using epoxy. 

With the body repairs completed and Ed wrapping up the assembly of the new chassis, they both prepared for re-mounting the body to the chassis. They positioned the new chassis under the body, installed new body mount cushions and slowly lowered the body down with the hoist to meet the chassis. Once the body was in place, they hoisted the entire vehicle and installed the body mounting bolts.

Now that the chassis and body have been mated back together, Mike has started to reconnect all of the wiring, install the exterior trim, and prepare to install a new exhaust system.

LS Hood

Speaking of molds and fiberglass, I would like to show off Dynamic Corvette’s newest piece of custom fiberglass! 


introducing Dynamic Corvette’s “LT1 inspired” LS HOOD

Yes, we call it the LS hood! Why?

Because the future of Corvette customizing and restomodding is all about the LS-engine!

This hood will fit on ANY C3 (1968-1982) Corvette model with little or no modification! 

This hood has the correct hood latch mounting points for all C3 models and is completely finished on the backside. 

Want it for your 1968 – 1972?
Just remove the wiper door and wiper grille, modify or replace the fender caps to match the hood, swap hood latches and hinges then you are ready to go!

(1968 & 1969 models, require using 1970 – 1976 hood latches)

Want it for your 1973 – 1982?
Swap over your hood latches and hinges and install with ease!

Be the envy of the Corvette Club!

As always, all of our custom fiberglass is 100% hand-laid and made right here at Dynamic Corvettes in Saginaw, Michigan!

(plus Michigan sales tax and domestic freight – No international orders)


Ready to order by credit card?

Give us a call (989-249-1100)

or e-mail us!



Ready to order by Pay Pal?

Check us out on eBay!

Click the image to be taken to our eBay Store! 


1967 Corvette – “Lola”

“Walk like a woman but talk like a man” – The Kinks

“Lola” has been patiently waiting for her.. (or is it, his?)… turn in the body shop.

After the owner called last week, concerned about the height of the carb and how a standard big block hood would fit on the vehicle, Steve and Ed did a quick dry fit on the vehicle and found that there is plenty of space under the hood for the air cleaner.

Late Friday afternoon, Corey and Sam completed body work on another vehicle and rolled “Lola” into the body shop. With “Lola” in the body shop, Sam and Corey can start performing body work and replacing panels as required. 

1967 Corvette Coupe

After a few weeks in the body shop, the 1967 Corvette is ready for the first coat of primer, SLICK SAND! Sam and Corey have rolled the vehicle into the paint booth and started to mask off the body. After the body was completely masked, Corey stepped inside the booth and started to apply the primer while Sam assisted and mixed the next batch to be applied.

And here is the finished product! 2.5 gallons of Slick Sand primer which equals to about 3 coats over everything! Now we will let the car sit and allow the primer to cure. After curing, Corey or Sam will apply a light guide coat of black spray paint to assist them with sanding. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve and Tyler have been perfecting the lines and customizations on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project. They have installed the hood and made sure it closed without rubbing or hitting any other panels. After checking the fit, Steve and Tyler then checked on the function. They installed hood latches and closed the hood and released it again. With some minor adjustments, they got the function they wanted with ease. 

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