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Autorama 2017

Detroit’s 65th Autorama show was last weekend (Feb. 24th – 26th) and we were in attendance with the 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car!

On Wednesday – Feb. 22nd, we loaded the Pace Car up in our trailer and strapped it down for the long 2 hour drive to Detroit.

After reaching Detroit, Steve and Mel found a VERY long line to get into Cobo Hall to unload the Pace Car. 



Photo Credit – Hot Rod Magazine (Click image to be taken to article)

Photo Credit – CorvetteBlogger.com (Click the image to be taken to the article)

Tony and Jordan came out to see the 1978 Corvette Pace Car while wearing their RED FRIDAY shirts.


Afterwards Steve, Kathy, Melanie, and Kevin ate dinner
and relaxed at “The Jefferson House“, located in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

C2 Fender Flares

Back in March 2016, we sold a full set (2-front 2 rear) of our fender flares to the Corvette Forum member “1rad55“. Pictured below were the pictures from the original post while they were being installed. 

Click here to be taken to the Corvette Forum post!

“1rad55” has since updated his post since then to show the flares installed along with a complete “Torch Red” paint job! 

Click here to be taken to the Corvette Forum post!

Looking for fender flares for your C2?

Our flares are 100% hand-laid at Dynamic Corvettes in Saginaw, Michigan! 


Dynamic Corvettes installed one-piece flared front end and rear quarters on a custom built race car.


Our flares are priced
$590.00 per pair (front or rear)
$1,180.00 for a complete set (front and rear)!

Ready to order by credit card?

Give us a call (989-249-1100)

or e-mail us!



Ready to order by Pay Pal?

Check us out on eBay!

Click the image to be taken to our eBay Store! 



1967 Corvette Convertible – “Lola”

 Lola has come together!
After Ed and Mike completed the chassis for Lola, they started to detail the engine compartment and replace the underbody brackets. Once finished, the installed a new body mount kit and lowered the body onto the chassis. Now Lola waits patiently for her turn in the body shop!

1967 Corvette Coupe

 Sam and Corey are knocking them out in the body shop! This 1967 Corvette coupe was next in line for body work and first primer. Previously, the body seams have been ground out and filled with epoxy and ground down. Corey started by cleaning up the door jams so he could install weatherstrips. These weatherstrips allow the door to close and latch like it would when the vehicle is finished. Sam and Corey began running skim coats of body filler over low areas and sanding them flush to the rest of the panel. After making the panels all even and flush with each other, they will concentrate on the gaps of the panels to insure they are uniform and consistent. 

1968 Corvette

Ed and Mike have begun repairs on the 1968 Corvette. After starting to build the new chassis for the vehicle, Mike and Ed turned their attention to removing the body. Over the years, time has not been kind to this Corvette. The entire rocker channels have rusted out along with multiple body mounting points. After disconnecting the body from the chassis, they started to lift the body to find that it was flexing way too much. They built a fixture to support the front and rear ends while lifting the body from the chassis and then placed the body on a steel rack to perform the repairs. Mike has begun to replace the passenger side rocker and body mounts, he will then repair the driver side. 



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