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1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has continued to work on the 1969 Corvette Restomod. He is now satisfied with the rear of the vehicle and has turned his attention to the front. He has created custom grille moldings which fit and look better than stock. These grille moldings are made from fiberglass so they can be painted to match the vehicle, if you were so inclined. Along with the grille moldings, he has been working on the front bumper bar and customizing it’s fit and look as well. 

1968 Corvette

Work has started on the 1968 Corvette. Ed and Mike set up our good used donor frame on the Blackhawk frame bench and started to make the required modifications for the 1968 model year. Once all the modifications where complete, the frame was loaded into the truck and taken to the acid dippers. We expect it back very soon and then it will be off to the coater and finally the paint shop to receive a good coat of GM chassis paint.

1970 Corvette

Body work has begun on the 1970 Corvette. Corey and Sam first started on the doors by sandblasting the metal structure of the door and then applying etch primer as a finish. Afterwards, they went along the body of the car and ground out all of the body seams. Once the seams were ground out, they mixed and filled the seams with high strength epoxy. After the epoxy has cured, they sanded and ground the excess epoxy down so it was flush with the body. Sam and Corey then started to apply skim coats of body filler then block sanding them down to fill all of the low spots in each body panel.

1967 Corvette

Ed and Mike have begun assembling the chassis for the 1967 Corvette. After gathering up and taking inventory of the customer provided parts, Ed started by installing the fuel line. He then turned his attention to the control arms. The customer provided polyurethane bushings for the suspension and once they were installed, Ed then hung the suspension on the chassis. The rear end half shafts were disassembled and placed in the sandblaster cabinet and cleaned up before being primed and repainted. Afterwards, Ed started to clean up and prep to repaint the rear differential before installing in the vehicle. 

1958 Corvette

The engine for the 1958 Corvette is ready to be installed in the vehicle. After Mike installed the engine, he installed the spark plug wires, road draft tube, and transmission detent linkage. As this project comes to a close, we will reinstall the customer’s interior and have the vehicle standing tall for when delivery time comes. 

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