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 1963 Corvette RestoMod

Coming into the home stretch! The bumpers have arrived from the chrome plater and they look amazing! Ed continued to assemble the doors and get the new glass installed along with the power window regulators. Along with the new regulators, he installed brand new glass along with new vent window frames. Once everything was installed and tested, he started to install the rear window trim before the vehicle was sent down to General Top & Trim to have it’s door panels installed.

Jim (Owner of General Top & Trim / Master Upholster) is making custom door panels to go along with the custom covered dash and C5 seats. As you can see, he is making sure the panel will align perfectly when they are installed.  


1980 Corvette

The entire body of the 1980 Corvette has been stripped of paint. Tyler started to disassemble and then strip the paint from the t-tops while Corey started to grind out the body seams. Once the seams were ground out, he masked the area and filled the seams with epoxy. After the epoxy had started to kick, he removed the masking tape to reveal a perfect edge. After the epoxy completely cured, he started to grind down the extra epoxy to make it flush with the body. 


Custom Fiberglass

Back on our mold making, the first half of the hood and air cleaner molds are done and Steve has started to complete the 2nd half. After removing the hot glue that fixed the hood to the working table, the hood was flipped over. With the hood now exposed, they went forward with applying the tooling gel and laying down approx. 12 oz mat and resin to create the mold. Now the mold will sit and cure for 24 hours before they can pull it apart and start making parts from it!  

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