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1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has been working on the 1969 Corvette front end. He has been fitting the new lower valance, front bumper and grille openings. Having replaced the front and rear clips, he is taking extra precautions to measure and fit everything well before moving on to the next section.  

Vintage Air

Dynamic Corvettes is proud to announce that we are now an official dealer of Vintage Air products!
Let us upgrade your non-A/C Corvette with a complete Vintage Air system! Give us a call or email us for an estimate! 

In addition of becoming a Vintage Air dealer, we have created something to go along with the system, a custom fiberglass close out panel! 

Panel has been painted to contrast the black firewall – not the proper hardware

When installing the Vintage Air system, the kit includes a steel close out panel which we thought “We can do better.”

The steel close out panel provided with the Vintage Air system installation kit

After quickly fabricating a mold of the close out panel’s shape, Steve and Jim created this ingenious fiberglass panel. Not only does our panel match the rest of the fiberglass in the engine compartment, but is also easy to hide with a complete blacking out of the engine compartment! This allows a professional and clean look that Corvette owners want!


This panel is available for purchase for $89.99! 

Contact us by phone or e-mail to place your order today!!


1966 Corvette

Corey and Sam have been working diligently on the 1966 Corvette. After replacing the rear quarter panels, they quickly started to fill and sand the areas to ensure they were flush panel to panel. After perfecting the quarter panels to the body, Corey started to work on the fitment of the decklid and it’s jam. Meanwhile, Sam worked on the tail panel and fit the rear license plate bezel so it fits tightly. After the bezel was fit, Sam turned his attention to disassembling the hardtop and then stripping the paint. With the paint stripped from the hardtop, Sam can now apply a skim coat of filler and block sand the roof to fill in all the low spots. 

VIP Treatment

Here at Dynamic Corvettes we don’t judge on the condition of your Corvette. We give every Corvette, the VIP TREATMENT!

1964 Corvette

Ed and Mike have finished the chassis build on the 1964 for awhile, but now the body was ready for underbody bracket replacement and cleaning before lowering on to the chassis. They removed all of the old jute padding that was glued to the floor and vacuumed out the mess. Once the body was installed and bolted down, Ed and Zack started to hang the doors in preparation for the next body work phase.

1963 Corvette RestoMod

The past owner of the 1963 Corvette RestoMod created a framed HOT ROD cover for us to hang in the office.

We kindly thank you! It is really cool!!

1970 Corvette

Ed and Mike have finished up the chassis for the 1970 Corvette and have successfully installed the body. After replacing numerous underbody brackets and cleaning the underside, they lowered the body on the chassis and installed a new body mount kit. After the body bolts were tightened down, they moved the vehicle aside to be moved into the body shop. 

V-Bar Replacement

Upon receiving the vehicle back in October 2016 we instantly noticed the bumps on the front end. These bumps are caused by the swelling and corrosion of the rivets attached to the v-bar. These rivets hold a fiberglass bonding strip to the metal v-bar support, which allows the v-bar to be bonded to the underside of the hood surround. After removing the fiberglass bonding strip from the old v-bar, Ed mounted the new v-bar support and then bonded the v-bar in place on the hood surround. While the epoxy cured, he clamped the v-bar in place. The epoxy we use then pulls those bumps back into place for a flat finish.

Mystery Markings

While cleaning the underside of the 1970 Corvette, Ed and Mike discovered these markings on the body.

“P.B.” – “UN6” – “399”

We can assume that “P.B.” stands for “power brake” which the vehicle has, and “UN6” is an RPO code for “Theft Deterrent System” which the vehicle also has. But we are baffled by the “399”.

“399” is not in the VIN number, so what could this marking mean?

Think you have an answer? We would love to hear it!

Email your comments or guesses as what the “399” means to:


We are hiring!

Want to join a team of passionate Corvette lovers? Do you have mechanical certification, body tech or fiberglass experience? Need a change of scenery?

Send your resume to Melanie Snow by clicking the link below!

I want to apply for the mechanical position.

I want to apply for the body tech position.

I want to apply for the fiberglass department position.

1968 Corvette

Ed, Zach and Mike have started to disassemble the replacement chassis for the 1968 Corvette that came in last month. Once they are finished, the frame will be taken to be acid dipped, which will remove all of the rust and old coating. Afterwards we will then have the frame a-coated and lastly painted with GM chassis paint. This will give the frame a new life and finish like an original factory part!

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