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1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has been working diligently on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod to insure that the new rear bumpers fit perfectly!

1968 Corvette – Frame Repair

This vehicle has been sent to us all the way from New York state! The owner knew he had to send it to the EXPERTS! After receiving the vehicle, we quickly went around the exterior to inspect for damage while being shipping. Satisfied that there was no new damage to the vehicle, we pulled the Corvette onto our drive-on hoist. Before we even looked under the vehicle, we knew something was up. As seen in the 9th photo, the vehicle is slightly leaning to the driver side. 

Once the vehicle was in the air, we could see the extent of damage on the frame. The section right before the rear suspension kick-ups was rotten from rust and appeared “torn” on the passenger side. We have determined that this frame is not good and can not be saved. We will have to obtain a good used frame for this vehicle.

Rust Damage

Upon further inspection of the vehicle, Ed started to find more and more rust issues with the 1970 Corvette. Pictured below are body mounts on the driver side. Photo 1 shows the #3 body mount access plate removed from the body, while photo 2 shows the extent of damage caused to body mount #3 from rust. The entire mount on the body has rusted through. Pictured in photo 3 is the #2 body mount on the driver side behind the interior kick panel. This one as well has rusted completely through. Lastly in photo 4, while it is hard to see because of the location, but the entire rocker on the driver side has rusted completely through. This vehicle will also require repair to the internal metal structure (aka bird cage) before it can be remounted onto a different chassis.

1964 Corvette

The 1964 Corvette is closely approaching time for it’s first coat of primer! After weeks of massaging, sanding, and inspecting the body is looking phenomenal! They will now start to fit exterior moldings, lights, and bumpers to insure they mount to the vehicle perfectly with no gaps.

Bumper Fitment

After receiving the bumpers from the chrome plater, the guys have started to fit the bumpers to the 1964 Corvette. As demostrated here, they have masked off the rear of the car and the rear of the bumper. Once the bumper is set on the vehicle with bolts installed, they were able to see where the body needed to be built out for the bumpers to fit perfectly. Corey mixed up some Duraglass while Steve cut a section of wood to prop the bumper up in the place he wanted it, and Sam applied masking tape to the outside edge of the bumper. Once the Duraglass was ready, Corey put it in a bag, cut the corner and Steve lightly squeezed some into the mounting points. Once this Duraglas cures, they will know where they need to build up the bumper mounting points. After completing the driver side, they moved onto the passenger side to do the same procedure. 



After getting the bumpers fit to the body. The guys rolled the vehicle into the paint booth and started to mask for the first coat of primer. 

1966 Corvette

After receiving the rear differential back from the rebuilder, Mike quickly got it reinstalled in the chassis. Once the chassis was finished, Ed and Mike turned their attention to the body. The removed all of the underbody brackets and reinforcements that were riveted to the body. After removing them, the ones that could be saved were sandblasted, primed and painted before being reinstalled on the body. The ones that could not be saved were replaced with brand new reinforcements. Upon completion of replacing the reinforcements, Ed started to mask and black out the underside of the vehicle and prepare to lower the body on the newly restored chassis.

Watch as Ed and Mike lower the body of the 1966 onto the chassis!


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