Web Wednesday – 01/04/17

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!

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Another year in the history books! A lot has happened over the last year!

Check out the “YEAR IN REVIEW” videos below to see what we did!

1958 Corvette

Ed has been assembling the 1958 Corvette back together. The engine has returned from the rebuilders, but we still have to locate a few items for the engine before we can get it installed. Meanwhile, Ed has been completing his wiring and putting finishing touches on the exterior.

1966 Corvette Convertible

Ed and Mark have been busy assembling the chassis for the 1966 Corvette. They have hung the suspension, started to run fuel and brake lines, and installed the new fuel tank. The rear end was inspected and cleaned out before sending out to be rebuilt. The engine and transmission will be next to be installed in the chassis. Once all of the chassis work is completed, Ed and Mark can reinstall the body and it will go over to the body shop for body work!

1964 Corvette Coupe

Corey and Sam have been working hard on the 1964 to get it ready for primer. The new front hood surround has been installed and bonded in after being test fitted and massaged into place. They will continue to perform body work until the lines are absolutely perfect. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve is staying busy on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project. He has started to work on his rear license plate panel to fit and bond into place. First he test fitted the panel and then sanded where needed to allow it to fit perfectly. He has now moved onto getting the fiberglass bumpers mocked into place.

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