Our Team

Dynamic Corvettes currently has 11 full-time employees. We are proud of the work we do, and thankful for the opportunity to pay our employees great wages so they can provide for their families.  We often hire from local trade schools (like Saginaw Career Complex) and almost every employee has a formal education or vocational training. Our owner stresses the importance of education, especially education in skilled trades and collaboration between local businesses and schools.




Steve's story is easier if he tells it in his own words...

"My first experience with Corvettes happened  during my senior year of high school. My body shop teacher, Dave Delaney, told me about a job at a local Corvette shop, sweeping floors. I worked there and then joined the army to learn about heavy equipment. One day my commanding officer drove up in a Corvette, he heard I had experience with them and together we started buying and selling Corvettes together. I came back to Michigan in the winter of '76, expecting to work in heavy equipment. Well, there isn't much work for that in the middle of winter, so I ended up back at the Corvette shop. Two years later I bought it. The shop was owned by Jim Downes who was known in the street rod business for Downes Bodies. The business didn't pan out. But I picked my self up, moved to Saginaw and took the lessons I had learned to open up Dynamic Corvettes in 1982. With the restomod market, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I love what I do"





Steve will tell you that Ed is "a hell of an asset to us". Ed worked at Goodyear in Saginaw and back then we took our cars to him for alignment. Steve saw a talent in Ed and figured having a Master Certified Mechanic on the team would be a good idea. He offered Ed a job in 1984 and he's been with us ever since. Ed went to MoTech on Livonia and worked at two Goodyear shops before joining us. He's currently working as a mechanic, but in the past he's helped with bodywork, fabricating, and painting. He's also an expert in Corvette parts. Full-time employee since 1984.



Corey came on board the same year as Tyler (2014) through a school co-op. He attended Saginaw Career Complex (SCC) under Courtney Thumme and Kurt Chrysler for their AutoBody/Collision Repair program. He's our head painter and runs the body/paint shop. “People have strong attachment to their cars, some of them are family heirlooms. I like being able to restore them or give them something custom and different.“ Full-time employee since 2014



The story goes that one day Steve brought a donation to Saginaw Career Complex (SCC) and asked for help unloading his truck. Out of all the students, Tyler was the first to approach Steve, and was happy to help. Tyler attended  Saginaw Career Complex (SCC) and completed their AutoBody/Collision Repair program with Kurt Chrylser. Today, Tyler is Steve's right-hand man in R&D for all tools, molds, and designs in our fiberglass department. Full-time employee since 2014. He is happily married and expecting his first child in a few months.




Zac is Steve’s grandson. He received his HVAC certification from Job Corps in Georgia and  returned home to help build his family business. He's grown up around Corvettes and now oversees fiberglass production. Full-time employee since 2016.

He can do 30 pushups.



Melanie (the REAL boss) is Steve’s daughter and the future CEO of Dynamic Corvettes. She worked for GM and is also a hairdresser on the side, having earned her cosmetology license before graduating high school.  She bought her first Corvette 20 years ago (still has it!) and came back home in 2016 to help her dad out and learn the business. She's most likely the one who will answer the phone when you call, the one that will get you the part that you need, and the one that will walk you through any questions you have about your old Corvette. In addition to running operations, she also creates daily content for our Facebook page.



Cheryl is Mel's mother and Zack's grandmother. She received her degree from Davenport College in accounting and has a background in bookkeeping. She came on board to run the books, help Melanie and Zack grow the family business, and keep the legacy going.  She also has the biggest office with the best view.



Todd earned his Bachelors Degree in Automotive Heavy Equipment Management, and an Associates Degree in Auto Mechanics from Ferris State University.

He worked at Superior Pontiac Cadillac and Joseph Chevrolet before joining our team. He is a Master ASC Mechanic and takes the lead on all of our modern tech projects. He's bridging the gap between "old school" and "new school" with this new era of restomods. Now  we're working  with systems like Controlled Area Networks (CAN-bus), Infinitybox, and Dakota Digital. This allows us to do unbelievable things like run an entire vehicle's systems through an iPad. Full-time employee since 2017



Tom has worked in the auto body industry since 1968. He received his Associate Degree in Auto Body from Ferris State University. After serving in the coast guard for 4 years, he opened his own Corvette shop for a little while. He decided to move forward with a different idea, and opened a business specializing in fiberglass. He opened T + K Fiberglass (named after him and his wife, Kathy) back in 81. He ran that shop until recently when he joined Dynamic Corvettes as our final finisher. He is responsible to R+D, prototyping, creating molds, and parts. Full time employee since 2018



Andrew did a promotional video for a local bakery in 2019 and that got him on Steve's radar. Within a few days, he was setting up his desk in our front room and rebuilding our website from the ground up. He has a background in web development, music, and videography. He graduated from Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy but is mostly self-taught through online courses. He is responsible for managing our online stores (eBay/website), creating promotional and instructional videos, running our Instagram, and maintaining our website. Full-time employee since 2019



The man who can build anything!


Andru runs our shipping department. Custom hand built crates (made in house!) means your parts arrive quickly and safely.








Jaydon works in our shipping department, but he's learning and trying his hand at different skills here too. He attends the Saginaw Career Complex and likes to race cars on the weekends at local tracks!