HAMMERHEAD ARMOR, 1965 Corvette Frame-On Restoration (Part 6), 1986 Corvette Pace Car Interior Replacement, & Follow Up on the 1956 Corvette Restomod

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Hello again, it’s another edition of WEB WEDNESDAY at DynamicCorvettes.com!

First and foremost, we would like to announce that we have become the ONLY dealer in Michigan to offer HAMMERHEAD ARMOR BUMPERS & ACCESSORIES! This is very exciting for us and we hope you get excited about these bumpers as well.

HammerHead Armor

HammerHead Armor

Check out the YouTube video below and if you start to feel the excitement, give us a call or stop in to get a FREE quote on a premium bumper for your domestic or import truck!

Continuing our restoration on the 1965 Corvette, we have chemically stripped the paint last week. This week we have started to remove the last layer of paint. Upon removing that layer, we discovered some patch work done on the driver’s side fender and passenger side quarter panel. Both of these panels will be replaced with new fiberglass.

Finished chemically stripping body

We have finished replacing the interior on this 1986 Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. This beautiful car was shipped to us all the way from Nevada to have it’s interior replaced. Due to time constrants, I wasn’t able to snap some before pictures. But trust us, it was time to be refreshed and replaced. All the plastic panels have been spray dyed to freshen up their apperance, new carpetting, and new seat covers with embroidered head rests!

Last but not least we are following up on the 1956 Corvette Restomod, which we delivered to the customer in December. We performed all the paint work on the body of this beautiful ’56, but the customer is finishing the build himself. Click the picture or link below to follow his progress!

56 Restomod
Follow his progress on CorvetteForum.com!

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