Corrosion can severely damage the frame of your Corvette. Dynamic Corvettes can repair your frame and restore its structural integrity

The Damage

Corvette frames have a tendency to rust, often to the point of creating large holes. The cause is usually unbeknownst to the owner and doesn’t show itself until there is a hole. This monster hiding in your frame is dirt. The drain holes on the bottom and the sides of the Corvette frames let in the dirt. Typically, moist or wet dirt gets inside your frame and makes its way to the back corner just in front of the rear tire where there is no drain for it so it gets trapped.

The Fix

The Proper Equipment:

We have a complete Blackhawk frame bench and floor with the proper jigs just for reconditioning Corvette frames

The Best Methods:

We can make major to minor repairs and have you safely back on the road. We make the repairs with fish plates and plug welds. We use these specific methods so there is not a question in its strength as safety is paramount.

Attention to Detail:

The integrity of the frame is integral with the safety of the vehicle. We carefully inspect every part of your frame to ensure a job well done

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