Corvette News, Dynamic Corvettes Showroom Remodel, 1965 Corvette Frame-On Restoration (Part 7), & 1960 Corvette Complete Restoration (Part 3)

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Hello again, Happy Wednesday! Why is it happy? Because its WEB WEDNESDAY!! Which means you get to catch up on all things DYNAMIC CORVETTE!!


First up is a bit of unfortunate news for Corvette lovers. If you haven’t heard already, the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY had a sinkhole swallow up 8 Corvettes. Click the video below to watch CNN interview Wendell Strode (Corvette Museum Executive Director) about the sinkhole and the recovery of the 8 vehicles which fell into it.

If you would like to see more footage of the sinkhole, click over to the National Corvette Museum’s YouTube channel!


Secondly, we have been super busy the last few months on our projects, but we have also been working away on our showroom. We are pleased to finally be finished with this project and hope you enjoy our new look too!


Alright, onto the Corvettes! The 1965 has been sanded down to bare fiberglass and body work has begun. As you can see in the photos, we have begun to remove the body panels which we intend to replace with new fiberglass.  We have grinded off the old factory bonding resin which is a polyester base. The problem with polyester bonds is that they shrink over time. During our restoration process we correct this by applying a liberal coat of epoxy which will not shrink. After laying a coat of epoxy we smooth it out, and sand flush to the body panels.


Lastly,  we have begun to strip the paint off the 1960. Starting with all removable body pieces.  Once these parts are done, we will then start on the body.

Chemically stripping paint off the trunk lid

Chemically stripping paint off the trunk lid



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