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1967 Corvette – Lola

She’s all shined polished and ready to leave our shop. She will be missed by the guys in the shop for sure but her owner is very happy that she’s coming home. After a final buffing from Corey and a test drive by Steve it was time for her to leave, Reliable Carriers pick up the 1967 and loaded her with no problems at all. Now shes on her way to Indiana where her owner is ecstatic for Lola to come home.

1966 Corvette
 Ed and Todd have been hard at work assembling the 1966 this week they are determine to bring life back in to her by first mounting the frame to the chassis with the help of Corey. Then Ed and Todd went to work on the engine and radiator connecting everything up. Todd installed the mufflers with Ed checking everything before they fired the engine up.

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