1965 Corvette Frame-On Restoration (PART 5), 1960 Corvette Barn Car Restoration (PART 2), 1977 Corvette (Continued Restoration)

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Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday again and that means another WEB WEDNESDAY!

Things are moving smoothly here and we are getting lots of progress done on our many projects this winter including a total remodel of our front showroom. Pictures of the remodel coming very soon!

Let’s start with the 1965!

Last week, we were masking off the body in preperation for stripping the old paint. With lots of hard work and elbow grease, our 3 guys quickly knocked out the paint in just a day. As you can see in the pictures, there is still some paint remaining. This paint is the original paint from the factory that was never removed on the last restoration. When the original paint isn’t removed completely the next layer of paint will not hold up as well.  This Corvette had 2 layers of paint. Next she will be taken down to the body shop for even more preperation for the new paint.

Onward to the 1960, once we have mounted braces outside and within the body, we can prepare to slowly lift the body off the frame. Look closely at the wooden rig we have built, this is known as a Noland Adams Body Dolly (click here for more info on Noland Adams, and click here for more info on how to build the body dolly). At this point, we are awaiting for the replacement frame to be delivered, and have begun to sandblast and repaint the suspension and axles.

Lastly is this beautiful 1977 Corvette, which has been an ongoing project. We started to sand and mask off the body for paint which sadly I didn’t get photos of, but we have applied the first coat of paint. This Corvette will be returned to the factory “Light Blue”, and once finished will have the interior restored.

And that concludes this week’s WEB WEDNESDAY, but we are always updating our Facebook page, so why not give us a LIKE and stay current with us. As always, all photos posted here will be posted on the Facebook page in higher quality. Have a great rest of the week!

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