1965 Corvette Frame-On Restoration (Part 12) & 1959 Corvette (Part 7)

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Welcome to another edition of
First off, here is a video from YouTube about the General Motors Heritage Center. The Heritage Center is a private collection of General Motor’s history and is not open to the public.

Click here to visit the General Motors Heritage Center website

The 1965 Corvette is making some great progress. With the added help of our 2 students, we block sanded the entire body in just a few days. After block sanding, we gave the body a quick bath to remove all of the remaining dust and had it flatbed towed to the paint shop for it’s second coat of primer.

The 1959 Corvette has made some more progress. The new hood surround panel has been installed and we are currently finishing up the body work. Within the next few weeks we expect to be ready to paint!

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