1960 Corvette Complete Restoration (Part 4) & More Remodeling @ Dynamic

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It’s Wednesday, and that means another update from your favorite Corvette shop in Saginaw!
Welcome to WEB WEDNESDAY!!

Right off the bat, let’s start with the 1960 restoration. Over the course of the last week, our tech “Josh” has been deligently stripping the paint from the removable body panels (i.e. doors, hood, etc). Now that these body panels have been stripped, we can start stripping the paint off the entire body. This is a big job! If you remember from a few weeks ago, we showed you the 1965 being stripped within a day by 3 techs. That’s 24 hours of labor! Today, 2 of our guys will start tackling the rest.

We have been hard at work remodeling our service area as well. We are now proud to announce that we now have 2 additional service stalls and 2 body stalls. Previously, all of our body work has been done at one of our other buildings. If you have never stopped in, we invite you to come by and see all the hard work for yourself.

Our New Body Shop

Our New Body Shop


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